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The perfect rhythm game didn’t exist until this game saw light

FROM art style to the character development To the absolutely beautiful beats it’s all perfect. The thing that I really enjoy about Rayarks work is how they infuse the story with the game ,it’s so unique how you can have a full idea about a world and it’s setup just through reading posts and comments it felt as if I was a part of the actual world and I was participating in it .Not only that you can understand each character and how they deal with things ,what they feel ,who do they love ,who do they hate and how will they deal with their community and what will they do to channel their thoughts on things this alone shows the potential of a lot of world building and the fact that all of this is in a rhythm game is crazy . The character choices were really fun and varied where you have characters that are mysterious and odd or ones energetic and childish or perhaps mature and intelligent thinkers or a good friend & a loyal fan to put these personalities together and to see how will they interact with each other was a an interesting experience . The Mystery fog that surrounds some of the characters whither if it’s around their origins or personality was one of the elements that caused me spending way to much time playing this game ,I didn’t even feel the track of time passing while playing this it’s world , characters , community they all got me hooked to the fullest , just with playing this game I can see the amount of work that was required to create something like that so I salute them for this masterpiece .I thought Rayark wouldn’t be able to top their selves after Deemo but I guess I was wrong GOOD JOB

Great but stops after updating!

Ipad mini 2, cannot open game after update, only shows headphone and Rayark... Would I also lose my maxed characters? T-T

It’s fine

Should be played on an ipad instead of an iphone. A lot of the songs are meant for bigger screens. Theres only a small amount of songs I actually like in this game. While it’s different genres, A lot of their songs did not stand out to me (wasn’t catchy, odd, annoying) so it was not fun to play. Compared to Cytus I, Cytus I was more enjoyable. Though at least Cytus II looks polished and the story is a little interesting so far. Another complaint I have is that Xenon is rock/metal, one of my fav genres but even then I only found a few songs I liked from his list. Maybe it wasn’t my taste but it really disappointed me, especially the 10 dollar price tag on it. Haven’t played Cherry’s DLC yet but If you want to buy dlc for this game, pick Conner’s. It’s the best one tbh.

Paid Character are expensive

I love rayark games but my problem with this game is high price for paid character i be so happy if rayark make a rebate. I understand rayark company had own business.

A worthy sequel

The characters are believable. The story is mind-bending. The songs (and their charts) are great and a ton of fun to play. Fans of the original should definitely pick this up! Be warned that the tracks are a bit more difficult than the original game in general, though this is not a bad thing. Bear this in mind if you're new to Cytus. Gameplay in general has been refined. Graphics are flashier but somehow also more informative. Charts are inventive and fun to play. The story isn't anything to sneeze at, either, which is surprising for a rhythm game, and it links to the original in its own enigmatic way. EDIT: After the recent update the performance issues have vanished! As a bonus we also get 2 free songs (Brain Power for Neko being a surprise) and a third premium character, bringing the song total to 67.

Best rhythm app I’ve ever played

Seriously - if you’re a fan of osu! or anything similar, you’ll LOVE this game. It has an incredible variety of music, an interesting story (especially with the DLC ;) ), and a unique way of TELLING the story (and showing in a few places). Even the comments on the storytelling system feel realistic - kudos to the team for that which adds an extra layer of immersion. Really, if Cytus were a visual novel or heck, even just a regular novel i’d buy it in an instant just to figure out what happens next! That said, here’s a question for the devs: now that I have maxed the level caps on everyone + the DLC characters and played all the songs, I wonder if there’s anything you lovely people at Rayark games suggest I do while waiting for the next update.

Return of the sore thumbs

If you're a fan of cytus then there's no surprise that the top selling music game is back. Yes cytus 2 has dropped and it's a combination of old school cytus with a dash of Voez. Visuals are top notch and the soundtrack is a mashup of varied genres divided between the characters. This game has my undivided attention for the time being. ***Would it hurt to put in a practice mode? If players keep making the same mistakes on the same places on a chaos level no amount of tries will change the outcome. And your game would receive more playability.*** 4/5 stars because you don't want the players to be able to practice. ***Note: the song "Alterna Pt.1 -Cosmogony-" is quite literally the most painful song I've ever had the misfortune of hearing. It's a brutal assault on the senses. The vocal combination of Ayatsugu_Neverend feat. Kimi sounds like a frog was paired with a less talented Cyndi Lauper. The concentration required to finish the song on any difficulty is a few steps less than trying to land a space shuttle.

5 Star performance

I’ll give this game 5 stars, that’s easy, there is nothing wrong with this game, it’s an absolutely incredible music game, and fixes any issues I had with the first. And I can’t even call them issues, while I was playing the first masterpiece I thought to myself, wow I wish this had an “rpg like” progression. Or I wish it had more of a story. Never took away from the amazing base gameplay, yet here we are with #2. Who literally took everything I wanted from the first, and added it. Truly an amazing game. HOWEVER... my only gripe... is that, let’s be honest, this is no doubt a 5 Star game. But... VOEZ will always be the #1 rhythm game on iOS. And I wish they made a VOEZ 2 instead. But I can’t complain too much, this company has never done wrong, they know rhythm games, and I buy everything they release. Keep up the good work!!!

AMAZING but...

The gameplay is smooth. the audio fx are satisfying. The music is awesome and beautiful with a large variety. But the biggest bummer is that you can’t play the main theme song. I’m pretty sure it’s called Used to Be. It’s a beautiful song and sometimes I don’t even play the game because I want to listen to the intro. If they could add this song than I wouldn’t have any problems with it.

New update glitch

Upon opening the app after updating, the screen never reaches the final screen to "tap to continue". It shows the headphone suggestion and the company only, then stays black. Edit- it opened finally but started me over COMPLETELY. I was maxed on everyone. I'm... crushed.

Update won’t let me open my game.

After the update I tried to open my game and it wouldn’t open I’m putting this here so hopefully the developers see this and help me with my problem. Because this is a great game i want to play.

Must have, but has its caveats

This game is a fantastic example of a developer taking the original and improving upon it with minimal draw backs. The songs are great, the visuals are beautiful and the story is definitely interesting. As few and nit-picky as i am there are a few things i would like. One of which is that I would like the ability to flip my screen (playing on iPhone X) so i can play either way. This is out of my own OCD because i like the notch on my left. I can understand their might be some issues with that of course due to programming and this doesnt take away from the gameplay at all. (After a while of play time) I have played this game since launch. I love it, but i couldn't in good conscience leave my initial review as it was after beating the game. After playing every single song (save for DLC) on every single difficulty i see more of the game and my opinions have changed. This game still has amazing replay-ability, but i really only come back to play 3-4 songs. Thats about it. Now, i know that will be different between users, but what this game lacks is content. Songs. When i look back to the original Cytus there were a TON of playable and FREE songs. There is a lot more content for a lot let money. You can play days or longer on that game without getting to the paid content. This game is a bit different and now becoming one of the most expensive games on the App Store. Rayark, if you guys are listening, you need to lower the prices or this game will fail fast. You charge $10 for 10-11 songs. Thats insane. That is like maybe 1 hour of game time. Then once you complete it you're back to square one! Then charge another $10 for the next. This game isnt old enough for those kinds of prices. Maybe $5. But its not enough. I still go back to Cytus 1 for the gameplay. Maybe more free songs? I saw there was a new Paid DLC and free songs but there is only like 2 free songs. So the full game price is over $30 now. Good game. But EXPENSIVE.

So close!!!!

Tiny hands and big iPad screen don’t got well together but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the challenge!

Totally worth it

As a sequel to Cytus 1,C2 added more elements like new type of notes,more diversity in difficulties. As an individul music game,it has an intersting plot,with promising development. The IAPs are totally worth the price.


That's the only word I can use to describe the game. But my friend downloaded it today for his android device and I noticed he has one more character (Cherry) than I do on my iPhone. I don't want to get salty over this without a reason so I'm just going to wait for the next update. Edit: RAYARK NEVER DISAPPOINTS. Just like I said, I waited and Cherry is on iOS now. Rayark has won me forever.

Innovative rhythm game, best thing since Deemo

I was a long time Deemo player before I decided to try Cytus II. The addition of the second y-axis for tapping adds a whole new level of challenge, which I think is amazing. I’ve seen many, many “piano-style” rhythm game clones over the years but Cytus II is a breath of fresh air. My only complaint is that in some cases, you have to play the easy difficulty on songs in order to progress. As an experienced rhythm game player I find that a bit tedious, but focusing on getting a perfect score makes it better. I’ve bought 2 DLCs, and plan on purchasing the new one soon. They add a ton of new content and are worth every cent. The only game I’ve ever rated 5/5.

So polish, much challenge, wow

I can't even remember the last time I willingly came to the app store to review an app without being begged for a review, but really, I must say, this game delivers! Seriously download this game now, you won't regret it!!!

Best rhythm game on mobile

Hands down the best rhythm game on mobile. Very Responsive/lag free and I'm using an iphone 6. Each song has a difficulty level from 1-15 and i have to say they really feel as difficult as its level. Makes it easy to know which songs is at your current skill level so you can improve better. Now for cytus 1 players: get this game.this is Easier to read the notes than cytus 1 even though it looks kinda different at first. The combo meter in cytus 2 doesnt block the whole screen its very discreet. Also your combo meter will be orange if you have been getting perfects the whole time so thats nice. Also you have easy, hard, chaos instead of just easy and hard difficulty on the songs. Worth the buy.

Greatly improved

I started off with Cytus 2 and greatly enjoyed the experience. I was curious of the first version and tried it out and noticed right away how much smoother Cytus 2 was graphically and gameplay wise. Cytus 2 provided an easier transition from difficulty’s great song selection that’s well organized. While Cytus kinda just throws you in with a variety of songs with difficulty’s that completely change the song when choosing the next difficulty.


Please help, i was so happy to download the second game of cytus but when i open it, it stays on load and it crashes and goes back to the home screen..... Please help me fix this! I am a huge fan of these games and cant give a negative rating...

Beat the game in two days, play it casually in free time but update caused the game to be unplayable

Pretty much what the title says, I love Cytus and I’ve spent a lot of money on in game expansions, I enjoy playing this game casually in my free time even though I beat it almost instantly. It’s been unable to update for a month now, I haven’t played for a month and I’m suffering withdrawals. I have two gigs of space and speedy wifi so I don’t know what up. Other than that, I love my this game it’s a blessing.

AMAZING BUT can be better

Brought this after cytus and I like the icons more and how the design are made but it can be better by adding and moving background or even a picture background like the first one with a life bar but other than that everything else is super cool

By far the best

Last one was already marvelous, but cytus2 made an improvement on perfection. Simply my favorite.


Cytus 2 is beautiful both stylistic presentation, and in gameplay! With a fun new “modern techno” drive behind every song, and the fun but intriguing story, Cytus 2 has given me a lot of amazing content! While some characters and elements of the plot are behind 10$ purchases, these characters will ALSO be constantly updated with new songs and lore with each update, making these purchases soooo worth it! I absolutely recommend Cytus 2 to any rhythm game fan!

Cytus 1 has more and much better music

Exactly as the title says ~_~


At first I was skeptical about paying 2 dollars on this game, but I was incredibly glad I did. One thing about this game is it has a great story which is uncommon in a mobile game. The game is amazing in the way it tells the story, never seen anything like it. The music is also amazing. I really liked that they showed the original artists’ names. If I had to pick one problem with the game it would be that after you buy the game you have to pay 10 dollars for the last two artists (xenon and ConneR), but they aren’t a necessity for the game. Besides that the only thing I can say about the game is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. If you are still thinking about getting it I highly recommend you do.

Extremely good game but...

I love this game. It has a good feel to it , all levels of gamers can play, it has great songs, and a story that hooks you like a giant fish and keeps you there. But the thing that I’m wondering is. Will it continue? I remember in Deemo there was the first ending, I guess an update came and the story was added. I want this to be the case . I’m not gonna spoil but the ending is way to much of a cliff hanger . All cliff hangers bring even more questions but they’re all, “ is the main heroin going to live . “ or, “ I wonder what’s behind the mask .” But this game didn’t do that. The questions I’ve had were “ what happened to them? What exactly happened ? Why is this happening to everyone? Wth just happened to her ? And who is that !? “ yet when I looked online , I was only introduced with more questions from Easter eggs you WOULD NOT be able to see without editing. I really hope this is like Deemo and the story continues because I NEED ANSWERS !!!

My favorite game.

“A game that deals with music” Cytus 2 is the game that made me realize what I love. It’s simply the best time-killer(No stress at all as you enjoy the rhythm) Twitter style of text story telling is also entertaining to read. Short play time is a con. Max lvl is 25 and you level up after playing one or two music. ***also*** Please remove <back> from title menu. It’s really annoying when I accidentally hit back button from the main menu and the game forces me to wait for title screen to come back to main menu.


I’ve enjoying games made by Rayark for a long time. From Cytus I to Deemo, to VOEZ, and now, to Cytus II. The game is just perfect. But I would suggest some optimization for the game, as the older devices (even iPad Air 2. It’s already 4 years old) are having some trouble displaying the full visual effects of the beat notes. My iPad Air 2 is lagging while playing lv 14 songs when you have a lot of notes at the same time, so I have to play it on my iPhone X in order to see the full effects. My friend is playing on his 12 inch iPad Pro and it just looks flawless. Overall I love this game, but it would be better if there is a “reduced visual effects” option for older devices.


근데 한국은 세금 붙어서 더 비싸네..살거면 미국이나 일본계정으로 사자

Rayark doesn’t disappoint!

Improvement in almost every aspect. We’ll get to that almost later, but first, the mountain of good things. The story actually matters and is so good! I’m not usually a fan of mystery or who done it themes... this had me hooked. Granted, this isn’t the first game to use social media as a story tool. It’s just the best example of it done right I know of. The songs are fun, the art is spectacular, character designs are memorable, and dynamic scanner speed is a stroke of genius. The game as a whole is a delight. As for that almost... the number of songs is kinda light. In of itself, that’s not too bad, but it makes getting the next bit of story feel like a grind going through the songs a second time in this sitting. Changing characters combats this, but I still wish it didn’t even come up. On the bright side it’s something that can easily be addressed in an update and it didn’t keep me from enjoying myself. I’m more than happy with this game and can’t wait to see what the team does with it in the future. Please port to the switch and let me give you money.

Cytus II is the BEST.

I’ve waited to beat the initial game before I wrote me review. It was worth it, I’ve always loved the music that was delivered and the story that is put together. Do you like music/rhythm games? This will be on your list.

Addicted to it... but a little to hard

I’m addicted to this game and have played the original Cytus. I am the type of person that enjoys the music but most importantly wants to get Million Master. I play with my thumbs since that is most comfortable for me on an a iPhone X. I just feel chaos mode can be way too difficult to play. I love the slow down and the new buttons but, it’s a lot to handle at one time for me at least.

Awesome game but only one problem

I beat this game but it starts crashing whenever I try to play a song just for the fun of it

The Glory that is Cytus II

I have so much to say about Cytus II, all of which are positive. For only $2 you get over 90 beat-maps and more than 33 unique songs. Now that alone is pretty good, but Cytus II isn’t just a rhythm game, it tells a story. Now first the mechanics. The way this game play is completely unique (at least to me) and is one of my favorite systems for a rhythm game as your fingers aren’t just constantly lurking at the bottom of the screen. Instead due to the bar constantly moving up and down you end up tapping just about everywhere on the screen. Now for something a little less unique but still entirely appreciated it doesn’t just have you tap and hold, the game will also have you do short swipes and make your finger swipe while following a line. This provides for more variation in the gameplay and on Chaos stages makes it all the more interesting. Due to the difficulty of moving everywhere on the screen and the variation of different actions you have to preform, the result is nothing but extremely rewarding when you get a new high score or a MM (Million Master). As you have probably already gathered this game’s gameplay is centered on a unique rhythm system. Now if the songs sucked this wouldn’t be much but as well as having the unique and fun system it has fresh catchy songs to go along with. All of the artist have their own styles. PAFF is a pop singer, NEKO (my favorite) has a lot of synth a techno based music and Robohead mainly specializes in heavier electronic beats. Those are he base game characters but on top of that two additional characters were released for purchase. One being Xenon who does more rock central stuff and ConneR who’s music still has beats but is heavily inspired by classical and orchestral music. All of these genre’s means that there will defiantly be music you’ll enjoy somewhere in the game. Another small bit of gameplay I want to touch on is the leveling up of characters. This was a great choice for the progression as leveling characters up both unlocks new songs and more of the story. Basically you start with two songs for each character and as you play those songs you earn experience points. Once you earn enough experience you level the character up and either unlock a new song, or a new difficulty for a song you already have. The experience gain rate is near perfectly tweaked so you really never have to play a difficulty for a song more than once. As mentioned previously as well as songs you also unlock pieces of the story with each level gained, with the character you leveled up posting something on the iM (which is basically the social media in the game’s world). As well as having the story the game manages to create an interesting world that only left me wanting to learn more about it. From the A.R.C to the iM to the “artifacts” ConneR uncovers in his expeditions. Now to cover the entertaining, funny, heart pulling, and enthralling story behind the game. For this I don’t want to go into too much detail out of fear of accidentally spoiling something. What I can say though is that all the characters have their own personalities and relations with each other which provide for interesting interaction with both each other and their fans. No messages in the iM feel meaningless as they all either contribute to the story or flesh out the world the game takes place in. In conclusion this game had me on the edge of my seat while reading the story and bobbing my head up and down to the beat of every song. IT IS A MUST BUY

Cytus still delivers in its sequel

I’ve always been immensely critical of rhythm games, especially those that came at a cost when there are so many free rhythm games on the market. However, when I bought and played the first Cytus when it was around five chapters in, I found myself enthralled by its personal gimmick for doing the rhythm itself. I couldn’t put it down, and when new chapters released for free, I found myself coming back to Cytus extremely often, to the point I nearly mastered harder songs just due to how fun the mechanics are. It’s safe to say that Cytus 2 upgraded nearly everything in a better way. The ui feels more responsive, and every successful tap feels more rewarding, making large combos that much more cathartic. The music right from the start is high energy, and I believe that splitting it up between the three first artists based on their “style” was an amazing move. As I leveled them up, I strangely felt more compelled into the world as I read their twitter like posts, playing songs just to see what came next. The game also does a very, very good job at teasing the (as of the time of this review) current DLC artists, enough that I’m extremely tempted to pay for their packs even though I’m not at all close to finishing the first three. All in all, while this doesn’t have as much content as the original Cytus, it makes up for it by amping up the style and story nearly ten-fold, as well as having rewarding gameplay, and songs that rival that of the original Cytus’ end game. While I always find myself coming back to the first, this new one easily has a spot in my top ten best rhythm games, and I hope that someday it can beat that of Cytus through additions and more content. Perhaps they’ll be adding a few free songs here and there? I wouldn’t be surprised given how many songs they granted us for the original. However, I fully plan on supporting Rayark, and I plan to buy any and all DLC songs and song packs for this game as I did the original. To those who work at Rayark, you’ve created another fine addition to the rhythm game genre, and I hope it survives and thrives just as the original did.


completely love it! the playable characters, the suspenseful storyline and the amazing social network feature...stunning! been a big fan since the first installment and still play for cyTus 2...has me on my knees wanting more. just wish there’s going to be more characters maybe or added songs to the already great characters within. i can honestly say i picked a side on them (Xenon!!...also ConneR sensei).

Rayark deserves a standing ovation for this.

I was browsing the AppStore one day and came across Cytus 2. I did some research and found the trailer rather entertaining. I preordered it and 2 days later was diving into what I think in the most entertaining game I have ever played. I thin Rayark deserves a standing ovation because this game looks like it took a while to make. Before I leave I have a question... Can you hear me Vanessa?

Trying to fix something that’s not broken.

Ray ark has designed a game to profit? I think so. This game makes it difficult to see the notes at many times and clutters the screen with unnecessary effects. Thus creating poor gameplay for me. I understand that many people enjoy this game and I respect that. This is my opinion and mine only.



One of the Best App Games

Why is this game so good? From visuals to music to gameplay to story, this amazing futuristic rhythm game that wouldn't be out of place on a major console like PS4. It didn't have to include a slow world reveal conveyed through IMs, or be so seamlessly designed, or contain such great songs, but it does. So much effort and talent was poured into this game, and to top it all off it's completely free -- apart from two extra character unlocks that you don't need to beat the game. Fantastic.

Cytus ll

This game is so awesome it deserves a Grammy.

Thank you




Good but crashes

Loved cytus, loved deemo, loved voez, love this but the story line after getting to level 10 for paf neko and robohead crashes the game for me every time. Plus lag spikes every now and then.

Phenomenal as usual

I’ve been a payer of the first Cytus for about 3 years (not incredibly impressive considering how long ago it was released) after discovering Deemo. However, please keep this in mind while reading the review: I HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE GAME YET. GRIPES: I’m putting my problems with this game early in this review since I’m assuming people want to know if it’s going to suit their tastes. Cytus II is definitely an improvement from Cytus in my book, but just know that it has a considerably less number of songs. I’m only counting all the content you get after purchasing the app, so not including ConneR or Xenon’s songs. Even if you unlock more songs (which I have yet to do) it tells you how many songs in total every character has, which is 11 each. Other than that, it’s a nice game but perhaps all the visuals are too much as my game lags occasionally (usually after a pause or during a very intense array of buttons). It doesn’t happen often, but has lost me a few One Millions and Full Combos. Another problem is the translation(assuming this is translated from Japanese). Now, they translate the comments themselves very well considering the culture and language gap, but there are grammar issues. Since Japanese doesn’t need a subject to formulate a sentence there are numerous posts and comments that are very awkward due to the absence of a subject in the sentence. I know it’s a small gripe, but since I’m paying money for this it’d be nice if I at least didn’t see some easily fixable grammar errors. Also, I feel like $10 is a bit too much for one character...just me? vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Other than that, I’d recommend it if you’re not a beginner with rhythm games. If you are, I’d suggest going to Deemo or a free game like Love Live to see if you actually want to play a rhythm game. Now onto what I loved about this game: Personally, I never really liked a lot of the songs from the first game because I felt that many of them sounded extremely similar and quite shallow sometimes. There were a lot of one-layered electronic songs that weren’t very fun to listen to or play. In Cytus II, I have not encountered a single song that I outright did not like. I wasn’t a fan of Neko’s songs at first (perhaps because I never really liked Neko) but after unlocking the chaos difficulties for them I’ve seen the electronic songs in a new light. As for visuals, they are beautiful as per usual. The illustrations are amazing, the animations for each character’s screens are charming and memorable, and there’s a satisfaction in getting even a single perfect. The maps are also very well made compared to Cytus (in my opinion). They have more movement and energy to them. The differently colored buttons also make the whole experience more colorful and makes it easier to differentiate different sets. TL;DR It’s good and I’d recommend it; it’s worth your $2. However, if you have never ever played a rhythm game like this you should probably go play Love Live or something similar first and see if you like this type or mobile rhythm game.

Great game Except

Great game over all, some of the music is very good and a step up from the first game, the controls are also fantastic, The only thing I hate is how they force you to play all characters, as much as I enjoy mixing things up, having to force you to play songs you don’t care for over and over for the sake of grinding is awful since you can’t progress to newer songs without leveling all 3 characters to the lvl lock, everything is great but including the basic grind is just an awful choice on the devs


It’s everything I’ve come to respect from Rayark and more!

Disappointing and expensive

Cytus II is better than the original. The plot is exciting and actually interesting, the layout is sleek, and the songs are placed in chapters that are logical to the themes. Pros: better looking, better plot Cons: Music isn’t as interesting. Level design can be boring. Grinding songs to break out the length of the game. Worst of all: Expansion packs are 10 Dollars! That’s more than the base game but offers only 10 extra songs. I’m a firm supporter of Rayark and have bought many of their expansion packs but I cant even justify the pack in any way shape or form. I was tempted to buy it but expected instant buyers remorse. It’s a shame too. ConneR seems to offer the best music. Too bad I’m stuck with cookie cutter techno, kinda pop, and dime a dozen vocal tracks. My chief complaint lies in the music choice. The quirky, diverse, and fun songs featured in Cytus I were done away with and in their place are rather identical feeling songs for each chapter. I’ve yet to hear a single track I actually was interested in. Pair this with occasionally bland level design and progressing through the game feels like a chore. You’ll most likely hit the point where you need to get a certain percentage of progress for each chapter and have to play songs you’ve played 4 times before on easy mode to quickly progress. The song choices are incredibly incredibly small. On top of that, the levels are drawn out. You’re forced to grind through the game like Deemo, Unlike deemo, music rewards aren’t nearly as plentiful or interesting. I got each character to level 10 and my reward was one song. Now I’m left to grind again. I loved Deemo, I loved Cytus. I tried Voez and had a similar opinion. This game feels too similar to Voez both in music choice and level design. Something about it feels very underwhelming and flashy.

Loving the game but...

Is anyone else on IPhone X getting getting taken out of the game all the time because the home bar gets activated due to all the swiping going on? Also, please update so the home bar is never visible. Unnecessary to keep it there at the bottom all the time

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