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Music game with a decent plot... what?

Without giving away too much spoilers, the plot of Cytus II is surprisingly immersive and complex, it is completely unexpected from a music game like this. Also, this is how sequels should be done. Major improvements on both musical composition, game play, graphics, and designs in general. Well done Rayark.

Fun and Addictive

Overall a very fun game that I'll keep coming back to to try to perfect the songs. The story is fun to piece together and the gameplay is fun and clean. It can take some practice but it's a game definitely worth getting. The songs are also really cool and to be honest I'll just leave the app open sometimes just to listen.

My favorite iPhone game

I don't play games on my phone. I have a consoles for that. I've never found an iPhone game that I'm not bored of after a couple of days... Until Cytus II. I've tried Cytus I and it was ok but this game... I mean I like almost every song, the graphics are cool and make me feel like a wizard when I'm playing, the plot is actually super intriguing (although still on a cliffhanger until more updates are released), and overall it's just so cohesive and fun. I started out playing this at basically zero experience with rhythm games, and after practice (and switching to playing with my index fingers) I can now get 1 Million on some Chaos level songs. I even listen to the songs on YouTube when I'm not playing. It's so good. The DLC characters are expensive (great songs though!) but the base game is a STEAL.

The game is really good!!

I like this game. But there’s more. So I’m reposting my review but it’s completely different. In a way.... There are probably plenty of complains about the paid characters, and that’s what I complained about in my earlier review, but still enjoyed the game very much. What I want to talk about is how you, Rayark Games, should make lyrics to the songs!!! Maybe on a website, or along with one of the songs on YouTube, etc. Or add subtitles to the song in the game. The game is really fun, but wouldn’t it be better to know what the singers are saying as well? Sure we can understand some of the ones in English, but for songs such as Alterna, One Way Love, etc. again, we have no clue what the heck the singers are saying. So all in all, I believe you, Rayark Games, should consider my ideas to make this game more fun and enjoyable for all of your users. Thank you for reading this if you have, along with you other people as well.

One of the best rhythm games out there!

I was a huge fan of Deemo, the storyline and the songs were beautiful, but I liked Cytus I less because the beat you’re supposed to hit always seemed a bit “off”, which made it pretty difficult for me to play the game. Also, the game interface was very distracting in Cytus I and sometimes it was hard to tell which beat comes first. These problems were solved in Cytus II! Not only that, the songs are actually much more diverse in genre and higher in quality in my opinion. IF YOU LIKE ROCK OR METAL, YOU HAVE TO BUY THE XENON CHARACTER. I was pleasantly surprised by the metal and rock songs included in this collection, and while 10 dollars sounds like a lot to pay for a few songs, I don’t regret it at all. As for the story in the game, I haven’t gotten that far yet and everything seems a bit confusing. This social media style of storytelling is not my favorite, but I bought the game for the songs, not the story, so I’m okay with it.

For those complaining about the DLC Prices

Use Quickthoughts if you can’t pay 30$ to buy because I brought all of them using that app, and it was worth it. SMH at my head at those rating 1 or 2 stars over the price when there’s more expensive games on consoles. I gave 4 stars because I wish Cytus 2 had the same amount of songs as the original one, but oh well. Edit: After playing all the songs so far, I loved most of the songs in this game! My favorite artists in this game would be ROBO-Head, Xenon, and Cherry IMO, but people do have different music tastes so. My least favorite artist would be Neko even though I liked some of her songs, I felt like some of her songs weren’t my tape such as One Way Love and Alterna Pt. 1.

Seems pretty solid but...

Seems like a solid game, really pretty and interestingly thought out. Prices per extra song are a bit steep though, don't you think? $10 per? Thats the cost of a whole album. I get that in a way its sort of like DLC with extra content, but $10 worth of extra content? Each? Ehhhh..... Its ganna be a no from me until i find out more about what all I'm actually getting

I WAS excited... Was

The game crashed when I tried to open it ... I'm a really big fan of your games and have been able to play them on my IPad but that's not the case for this. I was disappointed... My only request is my money back, I know that's a big thing but I hope that you will accept it. I hope that you can read this review and TY for your time... 😀😀

It’s so good

God I love this game. I’ve been playing cytus for a long time and I was so excited for the new cytus game and my thirst was quenched. It’s so nice having some add on backstory to what happened in the first cytus game I absolutely love the characters! I gave cytus 2 four stars because the game keeps crashing and it won’t let me open it and I really want to play! Help!!

Enjoyable even for newbies like me❤️

Although I’ve played various kinds of similarly styled games, this is my first time actually trying out a rhythm/beats game. The whole operation interface is well-organized and smooth, which I enjoyed a lot. I love the music too❤️ 整体操作界面使用体验感很好的说,音乐也都很棒,不过总觉得有些角色的歌曲曲风稍微欠缺一点辨识度/感觉都差不多的样子?但真的很棒啦❤️我第一次玩音游都觉得超顺手超addictive❤️

Rayark you are beautiful

Another friggin good game its honestly so good


This sequel definitely holds up to its predecessor. The music is as good as always, and the fresh interface and gameplay elements add a bit of fun and whimsy. I personally prefer the lonely mood of the original, but Cytus II looks amazing graphically, has spot-on controls, and is absolutely fun to play. If you enjoyed the original Cytus, there are zero reasons to hesitate picking this up. Some might say the IAP prices are a bit high, but I disagree—the content is valuable enough for me to spend the few extra dollars for entertainment.



Please fix!

Every time I open the game I get a black screen and then it sends me back to the home page. I've tried everything to get the game to work. I would be deeply disappointed if I can't play this game after having paid for it...

Good but still room for improvement.

Could be better for sure on it’s visual performance and optimization.


Was excited to know there was Cytus 2 and wanted to play on my new iPad. But the minute I open the game it just shows black. No sound or anything. Just black. Trying restarting, uninstalling and refreshing. Yet nothing. Feeling deeply disappointed.

Amazing but glitches

The most beautiful game ever, I’ve been playing the original for years and this is the new challenge and content we needed. However, it does glitch a lot and there will be whole seconds where it loses touch sensitivity and doesn’t register any tapping, making it frustrating to play.

Amazingly Fun | Add-ons are pricey

I love Cytus and I love Cytus 2! They’re both amazing games that I’ve put a lot of time into mastering! My only gripe about this game though is that the new characters are $10 each. On Cytus the add-on chapters are like $3-$5 and sometimes more than 10 songs, but in Cytus 2 they’re all $10 each and they only have 10 songs each. I bought all of them anyways, don’t get me wrong! But I’m still quite baffled by the price. To think that I have spent $30+ on a single mobile game... ouch.

Very addicting

I do love the game and it’s songs they are fun to listen to. I do hope there’s more songs for Cytus II

I love this game so much! But...

This is probably one of the best mobile games I’ve ever played. Most mobile games I download I end up forgetting about very quickly, but with this it seems as though I can play it whenever and never forget it’s there. The story line quickly caught my attention and i feel attached to these characters in the game. I want to play more of it, but these other characters that I want to play so bad are $9.99.. I just don’t understand why so much? When I paid for the game which includes 3 characters, 35 songs, and story line for $1.99, why are these one’s so much more? Seeing how awesome this game is I would be willing to pay for the extra characters and more story but that does kind of push the limits of spending on a mobile game. It’s an amazing game overall and perhaps eventually in the future I will be able to get the other characters. (╹◡╹)♡

Cytus 2-The best update to the game

I have been a fan of cytus since the first game. I love cytus 2 the most. Best graphics and the best story ever! It kept me glued to my phone. Keep it going please! I want to see this through to the end. I love love rhythm games and music. Keep the updates coming!!!!


It’s a really good game, and the story is pretty cool too. Feel like the characters are quite expensive, but they will get more songs with updates so we’ll have to see. Also, performance feels kinda weird on a iPhone 7 Plus, just feel that it’s not smooth as it should be, maybe cause I played the first Cytus which had a different design so it felt faster. However, love all your work, hope you release more games cause I’ll always get them to support you!

Rayark deserves a standing ovation for this.

I was browsing the AppStore one day and came across Cytus 2. I did some research and found the trailer rather entertaining. I preordered it and 2 days later was diving into what I think in the most entertaining game I have ever played. I think Rayark deserves a standing ovation because this game looks like it took a while to make. I noticed the other reviews and saw the prices for the dlcs, I honestly didn’t care because I had already found a great game. I recently bought a dlc and the $9.99 is worth it, thank you Team Cytus.

Plz screen flip for iphonex

I’m really not used to speakers on my left, and I can flip my screen I don’t know why l, plz plz plz it is a great game but plz let me flip the screen so I can have better experience playing this game

Game won’t work

Played the first one.. loved it. Friend told me how amazing the second was. Downloaded, all I get is a black screen after “Best Experience with Headphones” Updated my phone, deleted app, reinstalled. Still doesn’t work. Will change review once this is fixed /: I have an IPhone 8 Plus, this should work fine.

Unable to play

My only problem is that I can not play the game, every time I open the game it never gets past the screen that says use headphones.

Can't run 1.1 on ipad mini2

I lost my data after 1.1 update and not playing for a month or so!!!!!!!!!! After beating the whole game!! I thought auto sync would help but it seems my data got overwritten by the new data OMG!!! Do you hire people from the U.S.? I'm supremely angry and wanna tach u a lesson! -------------- Ipad mini 2, cannot open game after update, only shows headphone and Rayark... Would I also lose my maxed characters? T-T Ok...after turning on the sync my data was back T-T Still can' open the game after updates Except for this all great... Nice UI, cool storyline and visual storytelling. 1star minus for this weird experience

Unplayable mess

Game runs at 50 fps for me instead of 60; inputs will drop at random; about 2/3 of the charts are actually just terrible and the remainder just don't feel as good to play as the best charts in Cytus 1; the visuals are nice but are over-the-top, which makes them more distracting; and the layut of every chart just feels as horrible to play as Myosotis in Cytus 1. There are a handful of charts that are actually just luck to be able to MM, such as Xiorc and Brain Power, and the difficulty ratings are, as usual, completely unbalanced. I really want to enjoy this game but there are just too many things wrong with it to be worth getting; don't waste your time and money like I did and just stick with the first game.

Great game

Cytus has been a big part of my life for years, I was hoping this game would hold up to cytus, It’s a great game with a decent story although there’s things like, Buying Characters (Even though we bought the game) A leaderboard setting (Which people who pay will automatically move higher up because more songs = more overall score) I just want it to feel as open and free as Cytus, Cytus II makes me feel punished by only having 3/6 available to play.

This game is great. Buuut...

Look, I want to say that I adore Cytus. It was a blast to play, and I played it to death. So many good songs, all in a beautiful and fun package. But there was always the underlying issue of DLC. Several of later chapters were locked behind a $10 paywall. That was fine for me. I had all these other fantastic songs, after all. Cytus 2 has ruined that peace of mind by changing how they distribute the songs in DLC. There was great variety in the free content of Cytus. No matter which chapter you played, odds are, there was something you’d like. Cytus 2, on the other hand, restricts songs by artist. Have a kind of music you really like? Hope it’s not DLC. And for me, it was. I strongly dislike two out of three of the free artists. But I can already tell I’d love the DLC characters! All of them seem perfect for me! But I can’t play their songs unless I shell out a frankly absurd amount of money for a game that made me pay up front anyway. And that’s not even the worst part! I’m a guy that loves a good story, so when Cytus started throwing it at me, I loved it! But if HALF of the story makes me pay $30 for it? Well, I’d be very upset, and write a one-star review for the game. Ooh, that’s a good idea. I should go back in time to tell my past self to write this review!

Almost perfect.

Everything about the original Cytus has been improved. The only downside is that the additional characters are waaaay too expensive.

Addicting game and story!!

The game play is amazing and the story is soooo goood. PLEASE MAKE MORE SONGS \PAFF/


Great songs, and visuals. Really fun.

Im questioning

Cytus is okay but it keeps sending me to my home page, I have tried like 4 times to see if it would work


I thing this is a very solid game with great potential, but I do t know if it was me or the game, but it just got boring very quick. It didn’t feel like a game I could get hooked on

New update glitch

Upon opening the app after updating, the screen never reaches the final screen to "tap to continue". It shows the headphone suggestion and the company only, then stays black. Edit- it opened finally but started me over COMPLETELY. I was maxed on everyone. I'm... crushed. Edit 2- I got my characters back up to where they were and now I'm experience extreme touch responsiveness issues with blatantly incorrect misses on even easy maps.


Love the game, but the DLC price is way to much. It costs 10 times as much as the game costs for three characters. If it was a flat ten bucks for all DLC that would be great but the $9.99 for every character is not what is needed. Plus, you are expected to buy more than one, ex. For ConneR’s last song you also need to buy Xenon

i cant open

I cant open.It always black and quit.

Awesome But a Little Cheaper

I love this game and when I got it I played for hours but plz the extras are too expensive. Again I can’t explain how much I love this game but honestly the DLC are really not worth $10 so Rayark if you could lower the price a little bit or even put a temporary sale on the extras that would be great. Thanks for Reading 👍

The Glory that is Cytus II

I have so much to say about Cytus II, all of which are positive. For only $2 you get over 90 beat-maps and more than 33 unique songs. Now that alone is pretty good, but Cytus II isn’t just a rhythm game, it tells a story. Now first the mechanics. The way this game play is completely unique (at least to me) and is one of my favorite systems for a rhythm game as your fingers aren’t just constantly lurking at the bottom of the screen. Instead due to the bar constantly moving up and down you end up tapping just about everywhere on the screen. Now for something a little less unique but still entirely appreciated it doesn’t just have you tap and hold, the game will also have you do short swipes and make your finger swipe while following a line. This provides for more variation in the gameplay and on Chaos stages makes it all the more interesting. Due to the difficulty of moving everywhere on the screen and the variation of different actions you have to preform, the result is nothing but extremely rewarding when you get a new high score or a MM (Million Master). As you have probably already gathered this game’s gameplay is centered on a unique rhythm system. Now if the songs sucked this wouldn’t be much but as well as having the unique and fun system it has fresh catchy songs to go along with. All of the artist have their own styles. PAFF is a pop singer, NEKO (my favorite) has a lot of synth a techno based music and Robohead mainly specializes in heavier electronic beats. Those are he base game characters but on top of that two additional characters were released for purchase. One being Xenon who does more rock central stuff and ConneR who’s music still has beats but is heavily inspired by classical and orchestral music. All of these genre’s means that there will defiantly be music you’ll enjoy somewhere in the game. Another small bit of gameplay I want to touch on is the leveling up of characters. This was a great choice for the progression as leveling characters up both unlocks new songs and more of the story. Basically you start with two songs for each character and as you play those songs you earn experience points. Once you earn enough experience you level the character up and either unlock a new song, or a new difficulty for a song you already have. The experience gain rate is near perfectly tweaked so you really never have to play a difficulty for a song more than once. As mentioned previously as well as songs you also unlock pieces of the story with each level gained, with the character you leveled up posting something on the iM (which is basically the social media in the game’s world). As well as having the story the game manages to create an interesting world that only left me wanting to learn more about it. From the A.R.C to the iM to the “artifacts” ConneR uncovers in his expeditions. Now to cover the entertaining, funny, heart pulling, and enthralling story behind the game. For this I don’t want to go into too much detail out of fear of accidentally spoiling something. What I can say though is that all the characters have their own personalities and relations with each other which provide for interesting interaction with both each other and their fans. No messages in the iM feel meaningless as they all either contribute to the story or flesh out the world the game takes place in. In conclusion this game had me on the edge of my seat while reading the story and bobbing my head up and down to the beat of every song. IT IS A MUST BUY

Outstanding Quality

Having played all of Rayark’s previous rhythm games(Cytus 1, Deemo and Voez), there has been an ever increasing attention to detail in regards to the presentation and gameplay. Truly these devs put an incredible amount of work into these games that makes just listening to the menu music an absolute pleasure. Would love to see them make a jump to consoles and produce something special. P.S there is a weird sound glitch at the end of completing a song that suddenly raises the volume on you. Nothing extreme nor is it really bothersome, just a heads up 👌🏻

A bit sad

My sister and I share our account, and so for a while we were both able to enjoy the game and the in-app purchases she made on our individual devices. After a couple weeks, however, my game stopped working. (My sister’s still works fine) I would open the app and it would do its normal intros such as “use headphones for best experience” and the Rayark logo, but then the screen would go black and there would be no sound. It just freezes. I can’t play the game anymore and I’m sad because the game itself is amazing. The song choices are great, the storyline is captivating and the overall layout is so fresh and crisp. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading the app and I don’t know what else to do but I really want to play the game again.

Great game but...

So far I’ve enjoyed playing this game. The gameplay is unique, fun, and creative and the storyline is very intriguing. However, when the new update was released, whenever I try to open the game it just says “wear headphones for the best experience” and fades to black, the game never opening. So if there is a way to fix this, I’d love to know because I’m unable to play the game now.

Quit abusing me

Cytus 1 was a legendary game, and so far, cytus 2 is just about living up to it. The music and artwork are awesome and beautiful, and the story is always keeping me hooked. I think the smaller amount you pay for this game initially is a fair price if not a steal for the three characters you receive with the game, and it is worth it to buy cytus 2. However... What i don’t like: RELEASING AN UNFINISHED GAME! Why do game studios think this is acceptable now?! The game hardly even feels halfway done with the latest update, I’d much rather just play the game all at once than wait on updates like it’s an anime or something. And the three characters you have no choice but to buy. This is a filthy thing to do on part of rayark, the game itself with 3 characters is just $2, but to get the other 3 characters you will have to pay $30. I don’t know if rayark wasn’t making profit on just the app sales itself, and that it is mainly relying on the dlc sales, but it feels simply dirty to have half the content locked behind a $30 paywall. I currently have only bought ConneR, and it turns out, to get his final and best song, I HAVE TO SPEND $10 MORE ON XENON, WOW! MORE BS! I spend $10 on an album i can listen to without having to be playing a game, the characters are way overpriced. I had thought better of rayark, but i still love em i guess..


打开一直黑屏 删了重下还是不行 我的存档都没了。。。。。

The perfect rhythm game didn’t exist until this game saw light

FROM art style to the character development To the absolutely beautiful beats it’s all perfect. The thing that I really enjoy about Rayarks work is how they infuse the story with the game ,it’s so unique how you can have a full idea about a world and it’s setup just through reading posts and comments it felt as if I was a part of the actual world and I was participating in it .Not only that you can understand each character and how they deal with things ,what they feel ,who do they love ,who do they hate and how will they deal with their community and what will they do to channel their thoughts on things this alone shows the potential of a lot of world building and the fact that all of this is in a rhythm game is crazy . The character choices were really fun and varied where you have characters that are mysterious and odd or ones energetic and childish or perhaps mature and intelligent thinkers or a good friend & a loyal fan to put these personalities together and to see how will they interact with each other was a an interesting experience . The Mystery fog that surrounds some of the characters whither if it’s around their origins or personality was one of the elements that caused me spending way to much time playing this game ,I didn’t even feel the track of time passing while playing this it’s world , characters , community they all got me hooked to the fullest , just with playing this game I can see the amount of work that was required to create something like that so I salute them for this masterpiece .I thought Rayark wouldn’t be able to top their selves after Deemo but I guess I was wrong GOOD JOB

It’s fine

Should be played on an ipad instead of an iphone. A lot of the songs are meant for bigger screens. Theres only a small amount of songs I actually like in this game. While it’s different genres, A lot of their songs did not stand out to me (wasn’t catchy, odd, annoying) so it was not fun to play. Compared to Cytus I, Cytus I was more enjoyable. Though at least Cytus II looks polished and the story is a little interesting so far. Another complaint I have is that Xenon is rock/metal, one of my fav genres but even then I only found a few songs I liked from his list. Maybe it wasn’t my taste but it really disappointed me, especially the 10 dollar price tag on it. Haven’t played Cherry’s DLC yet but If you want to buy dlc for this game, pick Conner’s. It’s the best one tbh.

Paid Character are expensive

I love rayark games but my problem with this game is high price for paid character i be so happy if rayark make a rebate. I understand rayark company had own business.

A worthy sequel

The characters are believable. The story is mind-bending. The songs (and their charts) are great and a ton of fun to play. Fans of the original should definitely pick this up! Be warned that the tracks are a bit more difficult than the original game in general, though this is not a bad thing. Bear this in mind if you're new to Cytus. Gameplay in general has been refined. Graphics are flashier but somehow also more informative. Charts are inventive and fun to play. The story isn't anything to sneeze at, either, which is surprising for a rhythm game, and it links to the original in its own enigmatic way. EDIT: After the recent update the performance issues have vanished! As a bonus we also get 2 free songs (Brain Power for Neko being a surprise) and a third premium character, bringing the song total to 67.

Best rhythm app I’ve ever played

Seriously - if you’re a fan of osu! or anything similar, you’ll LOVE this game. It has an incredible variety of music, an interesting story (especially with the DLC ;) ), and a unique way of TELLING the story (and showing in a few places). Even the comments on the storytelling system feel realistic - kudos to the team for that which adds an extra layer of immersion. Really, if Cytus were a visual novel or heck, even just a regular novel i’d buy it in an instant just to figure out what happens next! That said, here’s a question for the devs: now that I have maxed the level caps on everyone + the DLC characters and played all the songs, I wonder if there’s anything you lovely people at Rayark games suggest I do while waiting for the next update.

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